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Christmas time is here, decorate your kitchen to cheer!
Christmas time is here, decorate your kitchen to cheer!

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Christmas kitchen

Christmas time is here, decorate your kitchen to cheer!

Santa Claus is coming to town and if you’re like us and you have been waiting for it the entire year, this article is about how to welcome him in the best way possible. No, we don’t have the perfect recipe for Santa’s cookies, but we have the best tips to decorate and renovate your kitchen to obtain a wonderful Christmas-themed kitchen design.

Christmas is the time of the year to gather with your loved ones, exchange gifts and, most of all, enjoy delicious meals from the tradition. The kitchen is therefore the center of the celebrations, the place around which everything magical happens. People reunite in the kitchen to cook, bake and socialize and if kitchens could talk, they would ask for a Christmas makeover themselves.

image showing happy family baking christmas cookies

It’s very easy to incorporate the festive holiday spirit into your kitchen design in many different ways! Here:

  • Improving your kitchen during holidays: cabinet covering with a winter vibe
  • Christmas-ready ideas
  • The must have kitchen Christmas decorations of this year
Improving your kitchen during holidays: cabinet covering with a winter vibe

What’s better than repainting or resurfacing your cabinet doors to prepare for the celebrations? If your drawers need an update, then a kitchen renovation should be on your wish list. If you want to know more about kitchen cabinet remodel, give a look at these articles about home remodeling and kitchen designs for kitchen cabinet ideas. You might get some inspirations for your projects!

Your kitchen cabinet styles and colors can help your kitchen match perfectly the Christmas vibe of this year! Kitchen cabinets wood materials for example, are a great idea to give your kitchen the traditional, cottage-like aura of Home Alone.

Every color that is white, red, golden or green will give your cabinets a perfect festive style. If you are scared of getting tired of it after Christmas, remember that most of these are basic colors that are used in kitchen renovations also outside of the holiday period. Think about the layout and design of your kitchen and imagine if your resurfaced cabinets would fit in your environment even when Santa Claus leaves town.

Another amazing long-term idea is planning out a farmhouse Christmas kitchen decor. With white wooden cabinets and light-tone details, your kitchen will be ready to sing “let it snow” loud and clear. To obtain the most out of important renovation projects like this, however, it is always better to consult an expert and consider every specific aspect of your new kitchen.

Since it is not all about appearance, think also about the functionality needs of your kitchen. Ask to yourself: do I need to get a bigger fridge? (yes, at Christmas you eat a lot) Do I have to replace entirely the cabinet doors? (probably, your kitchen will be so full of food that they will break)

image showing renovated house for christmas

Upgrade and improve as much as possible: even if it might seem useless to put so much effort just for the Christmas period, remember that you use your kitchen all year long and doing some kitchen updates for the best time of the year it’s the perfect reason to treat your kitchen a bit.

Also, during the holidays your appliances are more used than ever: if they are already outdated, you risk of not being able to use them and get to the Christmas Dinner without your favorite Christmas turkey dish.

Other than cabinets: some more Christmas-ready ideas

Look at your kitchen: it is a place full of opportunities, and probably you are not taking advantage of them. First of all, declutter and organize your kitchen to make it easier to prepare meals and receive guests (you might hate when someone puts their nose in your kitchen, but at Christmas it is a tradition and you have to be ready for it)

Be thoughtful and think about adding extra storage with a new shelf or an entire drawer: where will you put the gingerbread men otherwise?

image showing decorated kitchen for christmas

Update with new fixtures, such as a new oven. If you need it, you need it, and what is more important than the oven at Christmas?

Remember that since a lot of people will invade your kitchen you will also need extra seating: consider buying more chains for the kitchen island. Also cutlery, cookware and bakeware need to be renewed if needed: they are your helpers and important for you as much as elves for Santa.

Christmas kitchen towels and curtains are the final touch to add to your kitchen: go for red, green, gold and glitters. One good thing about these types of holiday kitchen décor is that you use it for once a year, so it doesn’t get old, but it is always a classic during festivities.

Don’t forget the decorations: end with some kitchen Christmas ornaments

We can’t do much about it: we all love Christmas decorations. Here are some ideas you can use to further adorn your kitchen.

Christmas lights

Christmas light are all around the tree and in every corner of the house: why not putting also some Christmas lights in the kitchen? Remember, though, that they waste a lot of energy, so don’t forget to choose the greener alternative and always consider your energy situation: if you have solar panels, they are for sure more affordable and less polluting.

Cabinet decorations

After refacing drawers’ doors, they deserve some fancy dressing. This means: unleash your creativity. You can put all different types of cabinet door Christmas decorations: ribbons, lights, stickers. Very popular is also buying or even creating a Christmas garland for kitchen cabinets.

image showing garland for cabinets and counter decorations

Christmas kitchen counter and cupboard décor

Your counter and cupboard are also useful spaces to ornate. For example, you can place a small Christmas tree on the counter to give a festive atmosphere to the room, or even create a holiday display, setting some Christmas cupboard decorations.

“Ho the mistletoe, hung where you can see”

Put some typical Christmas foliage and plants around! Place some mistletoe on the door and create a “green” window with a leaves’ frame

image showing mistletoe and plants decorations for the kitchen christmas

Magic candles

The ambience couldn’t be more fable-like than with candles. Put some Christmas candles there and there and you will be surprised by the final result.

Now that your Christmas spirit is well awake and ready for the party, it is time to get to work! Consider your kitchen situation and start thinking about what you can improve. Renovating your kitchen is a gift that you deserve this year! It is the first step for a more functional, and good-looking kitchen. Don’t let the holidays find you unprepared and give your kitchen a little jingle bell for the best celebration you ever had. Contact us to get in touch with the best kitchen cabinet companies near you.

Last update: 14 Apr 2024

Written by Anna

MyGreenHome editors Team is a professional team of copywriters and writes with dozens of years of experience covering consumers, financial and business products and services

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