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Best Shower Heads Systems: Costs & Features [2024]
Best Shower Heads Systems: Costs & Features [2024]

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Best Shower Heads Systems: Costs & Features [2024]

Upgrading your bathroom? Consider the heart of your shower: the shower head system. In 2024, you'll find options ranging from basic models to high-tech fixtures with multiple settings.

Budget-wise, you're looking at a spectrum.

A simple shower head can start at around $50, but for a luxurious rainfall shower system, prices can soar to $500 or more.


It's not just about cost, though. Features like water efficiency, spray patterns, and smart technology play a huge part in your selection.

Let's dive into the details to find the best shower head system that meets both your needs and budget.

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In this guide:

  1. Shower Head Systems Price List
  2. Shower Head Systems By Type
  3. Shower Head Type By Need
  4. Local Prices Of Shower Remodels
  5. Tips For Your Bathroom
  6. FAQs

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Shower Head Systems Price List

When looking to buy shower head systems, you'll notice a variety of price points reflecting different features and complexities.

The inclusion of a shower head with valve usually indicates a more advanced setup, potentially increasing the price.

Basic shower fixtures and shower hardware can impact the overall cost as well.

Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Shower Head Type


Price Range

Basic Shower Head

Standard single setting

$50 - $100

Shower Head with Valve

Multiple settings, temperature control

$150 - $300

Advanced Shower System

Multiple heads, custom settings

$250 - $500

Luxury Shower System

High-end materials, designer fixtures

$500 - $1,000+


Keep these points in mind:

  • Prices reflect the cost of hardware alone; installation is extra.
  • Advanced features like water-saving technology can lead to long-term savings.

running water shower faucet

Shower Head Systems By Type

Choosing the right shower head system is crucial for the perfect shower experience.

Here's a list to help you understand the types and features available:

  • Shower System with Handheld: This offers a fixed shower head plus a detachable handheld unit. It's convenient for rinsing off soap, cleaning the shower, or for those with limited mobility.
  • Rain Showerheads: Designed to give a sensation similar to standing in the rain. They have a wide surface area that lets water fall gently over you.
  • Waterfall Shower Head: As the name suggests, these simulate a waterfall, providing a wide flow of water that pours out in a steady stream.
  • Overhead Shower Heads: Installed directly above, they provide a drenching, rain-like experience by evenly distributing water over your entire body.
  • Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head: These are rain showerheads that are affixed to the wall. They save overhead space while still providing the rain-like shower experience.
  • Two in One Shower Head: These systems allow you to use the handheld and fixed shower head independently or together for more water flow and a customized shower experience.
  • Wand Shower Head: A handheld shower head that's long and slim like a wand, offering precise control for targeted cleaning, ideal for washing pets or children.

Each type enhances the shower experience differently, catering to various preferences and functional needs.


Shower Head Type By Need

Selecting the right shower head based on your specific needs can greatly enhance your daily routine.

Whether you're looking for a rejuvenating massage, a rain-like experience, or a powerful rinse, there's a shower head designed for that purpose.

Here's a guide to help you choose:


Shower Head Type



Best Shower Head with Handheld Combo

Combines a fixed and handheld shower head for flexibility.

Muscle Relief

Best Massaging Shower Heads

Offers pulsating jets designed to relieve sore muscles.

Natural Experience

Best Rainfall Shower Head

Simulates the gentle feeling of rain for relaxation.

Rinsing Efficiency

High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Provides a strong water flow for quick and thorough rinsing.


Flexible Shower Heads

Allows for a range of motion, ideal for families.

Easy Upgrades

Replacement Handheld Shower Head

Perfect for updating existing shower systems.

Choose your shower head wisely, considering what you most value in your shower experience.

Luxury chromed shower in modern marble bathroom. Square shower head with a perfect water flowing to enjoy your relax moments

Local Prices Of Shower Remodels

Local contractors often have special offers or package deals for shower installations and remodels.

Here are some special deals from around the country:

  • Long Home Products (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida): Special Offer of 50% off installation plus no payments and no interest if paid in full within 2 years!
  • Next Home Improvements (Denver, Colorado): Bathroom remodel for as low as $89, $1,200 off your project, plus 20% off installation with 24 months no interest, no payments.
  • Superior Bath Systems (Indianapolis): Save $1500 plus 30% off flooring.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Shower Head System For Your Bathroom

Selecting the right shower head system is akin to finding the perfect bed. It's a personal choice that should cater to your comfort and needs. Begin by considering your daily rituals and what you seek in a shower experience.

Here's how to navigate the choices.

Firstly, assess your bathroom's layout and plumbing.

Can it accommodate the shower head and handle setup you’re eyeing?

Would a shower head with handle provide the convenience you need?

Next, look at the whole bathroom shower set.

Will the aesthetics of the new shower head complement your current bathroom design?

Ensure it fits not only in style but also in function.

For those who see showering as a time of relaxation, a rain shower head with handheld might be the perfect choice.

It allows for the indulgence of standing in a soft downpour while offering the practicality of a handheld for targeted rinsing.

If you prefer a luxurious feel, a rainfall shower head with handheld brings the tranquil experience of gentle rains inside, coupled with the versatility for a thorough wash.

shower head with hand

Questions to ponder before your purchase
  • How much space do you have? Will a larger head be too overwhelming for your shower?
  • Are you looking for water-saving features?
  • Do you need different spray settings for different family members?
  • How easy is it to clean and maintain?
  • What’s the durability and warranty of the system you’re considering?


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Do all shower heads fit any shower?

Most shower heads are designed with a standard 1/2-inch thread, fitting most existing plumbing. However, always check compatibility before purchasing.

Are there different types of shower heads?

Yes, there are several types, including fixed, handheld, rain, dual, and body sprays, each offering different experiences and features.

Which shower head shape is best?

The best shape depends on your preference. Round heads typically provide a more concentrated spray, while square ones offer broader coverage.

Do different shower heads make a difference?

Absolutely. Different shower heads can alter water pressure, spray pattern, and overall shower experience, from gentle rainfall to invigorating massage.

Are bigger shower heads better?

Bigger shower heads often provide more coverage, which can be more luxurious but also uses more water. It's a balance between preference and efficiency.

Are expensive shower heads worth it?

It depends. More expensive models can offer better materials, advanced settings, and longer warranties. Consider if the features justify the cost for your use.


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