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Best home security systems in the US
Best home security systems in the US

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Best home security systems in the US

Protect your home against intruders with the best home security systems in the US 


According to the US Department of Justice, 2.5 million burglaries occur annually in the United States. Over half of these are home invasions.  That means at least 6,849 burglaries happen every day in America. This is a shocking number. 

As well as the material loss from burglary, a hidden cost is the emotional damage and feelings of vulnerability many experiences from having their home broken into and their possessions taken. 

If items are taken that have little monetary value but high sentimental value, it can be difficult to accept that they have been taken and will probably not be seen again.   

While physical items can often be replaced, it is far harder to recover the feeling of being secure and safe inside your home after a burglary. Items can be replaced, but memories are harder to replace. 

So, what can you do to lower the risk of your home being broken into?

What security systems are available to install?

Are there certain things you should be aware of when considering enhancing your home security?

On this page, we’ll look at the features we recommend you look for in a home security system. Before we do that though, let’s look at what home security systems used to be like. 


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Home security systems in the not-too-distant past 

Unfortunately, crimes like home break-ins and burglaries have been around for centuries. Sadly, they are unlikely to ever fully go away.  

Before the first burglar alarms were invented, dogs were a good theft deterrent. They can still be very good at deterring intruders (after all, who would choose to break into a house with a loudly barking dog?) but are only able to do this when they are physically inside the house.  

If the owner went on holiday and took the dog with them, the sudden lack of barking from the house could be an indicator that the house was now empty and available to be broken into.  Obviously, not an ideal way to secure a home.   

Years ago, the only way of deterring intruders from breaking into your home was to spend thousands of pounds paying a security company to install a burglar alarm. This often had a big alarm box fitted to the outside wall that made a loud noise when the alarm was triggered. As technology improved, these types of burglar alarms started to have a bright flashing light when triggered. 

While these were helpful in deterring people, false alarms were common and over time neighbors and then even police forces across the country stopped paying them as much attention. Many burglar alarms fitted in these days required annual maintenance, adding to the cost, particularly over several years. 


Get better home security today  

Fortunately, advances in technology make securing your home against break-ins today more affordable and much simpler. The best home security systems in the US available today offer a level of flexibility that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.   


The first line of defense 

As well as electronic security systems, modern doors, and windows offer an added layer of resilience to your home against intrusion. 

Acting as the ‘first line of defense’, strong materials, pick-proof locks, and even shatterproof double-glazing panels can all make your home far more impregnable than most houses. 


Home security systems – key features 

Ring was one of the first companies to become visible in the home security market. Their DIY approach to their home security systems was a massively disruptive force within the industry and forced many security companies to go back to the drawing board about what they offered. 

Since then, many more companies have entered the home security market, offering systems and solutions that are incredibly user-friendly, easy to use, affordable, and (most importantly) effective at deterring intruders. 

Listed below are some features we highly recommend having in your home security system. If you’d like tailored advice, contact us today to speak with one of our home security specialists.  


Easy to install 

While you may prefer to have a home security system installed by a professional, many companies have made it easy to get your system up and running quickly and easily, with minimal DIY expertise! 

Many times, the system itself will take you through the set-up process, either by a mobile app or a website.   



Even though it’s hard to put a true value – both physical and emotional - on securing your home, the cost will obviously play a part in the home security system you choose.   

Many systems available nowadays are ‘plug and play’, with no installation cost or expensive maintenance fees.  

Some companies offer additional benefits as part of a monthly or annual ‘add on’ subscription, but these are not usually essential. However, with the lower cost of home security systems nowadays, you may find it is much more affordable to invest in these. 



Each home will have its own specific security issues, and there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution for home security.  

Instead, the very best home security systems provide a high degree of flexibility, with window sensors, movement detectors (many of which can be adjusted to be pet-friendly!), motion-activated cameras, and doorbells all able to be added to or removed from the system as required. 

Often, additions can be made to the system as and when required, so you can gradually extend the degree of protection you have at home over time and as your budget allows. 


Wi-Fi connectivity 

With older-style burglar alarms, if you weren’t at home when your alarm went off, you were relying on a neighbor or passer-by to notify the police about it.  

Many modern systems provide Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to get real-time information and alerts about any security issues at home wherever you are in the world. 

Yes, you could be sitting on the beach on a Caribbean Island while using a mobile app on your phone to check your home remains secure. Amazing! 



Many components of a modern home security system communicate with one another wirelessly. This makes it very easy to move them around your house as needed.   



Maintenance or replacement of older home security systems was often expensive, but modern manufacturing capabilities and improved quality control mean a modern home security system will give you years of faithful service. 


Automatic software updates 

Just as mobile phones will often have software updates available to improve or enhance security and to offer new features, many home security systems will provide software updates. 

This can help keep your system providing you with a high level of protection, and ongoing peace of mind that everything continues to run smoothly and safely.  



The main benefit of a home security system is deterrence. You want to stop anyone even trying to break into your house.  

If an intruder is not aware you have a home security system installed, they may think of it as just another easy target.  

By having a security camera visible on an external wall, or by displaying clear signage of the presence of a security system, you are increasing the chance that any potential intruder will not even attempt to break into your home.    


Night vision 

Okay, this one isn’t absolutely essential! But, if your home security system includes a camera, making sure it has night vision capabilities provides you with an extra level of reassurance (and intruders with another significant challenge).  

Intruders will no longer be able to hope their features will be hidden in the dark. Instead, advertising the fact your home security system has night vision will make even the most determined intruder pause for thought.  


Don’t let poor home security put your home at risk of intrusion. Get expert security advice FAST! 

While nobody likes to consider the possibility of their home being broken into, the reality is that at least 6,849 burglaries will happen on the day you are reading this.  

Avoiding this reality is the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears, closing your eyes, and shouting “I can’t see or hear you!” 

While you do not want to worry excessively about a home burglary, it is sensible to spend some time considering how you can improve the security of your home.  

Fortunately, we can help you with this! 

Contact us today for bespoke home security advice. We have recommended home security systems, suppliers, and installers, and can save you time, money (and worry!) if you would like to protect your home. 

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, regardless of its size, we can help you get a home security system that is tailored to your unique security requirements. 

Don’t leave your home security to chance. Get in touch with us today for rapid access to expert help. 


Last update: 12 Apr 2024

Written by Mike

MyGreenHome editors Team is a professional team of copywriters and writes with dozens of years of experience covering consumers, financial and business products and services

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