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Double glazing costs

The cost of double pane Windows in the US.

Double pane (or double-glazed) windows represent the answer to several problems in your house: large amounts of energy expenses, risk of burglary, and bothering noises.

Their double glass structure ensures extreme insulation and noise reduction, other than exceptional resistance. 

If you thought about upgrading your older windows to new, double-pane windows - congrats! -, that’s a smart move. It is one of the ways to get the most out of your house without apporting major changes while significantly lowering your energy bills.

image showing double glazed glass

Before enjoying all the advantages of an upgraded window, you have to have it installed. This of course includes some costs. If you are wondering how much double-pane windows cost, or you have related questions, it is probable you will find the answers you are looking for in this article. Here, you will read about:

  • The Average Cost of Double-Pane Windows,

  • How Costs Change According to the Different Types, Sizes and Amount of Your Windows

  • How to Reduce the Costs of Double-Pane Windows Installation 

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How much does it cost to replace single-pane windows with double-pane?

The price per window for updating normal windows to dual-pane windows is usually around 600$. To calculate the cost to replace single-pane windows with a double pane for the totality of windows in your house, then, you have to multiply this value for all the windows in your house.

Therefore, if you have - let’s say-, a two-bedroom apartment, with an average of 8 to 10 windows, the amount you can expect to pay is more and less between 4800$ and 6000$.

Of course, these are approximate calculations, and prices always vary for different reasons and due to different tariffs of the contractors involved in the realization of the project.

image for window paneling costs budget

Other than unexpected additional costs, that can emerge according to the situation, you should always consider also the installation costs. It can be a small amount added to each window cost, or a general surplus to the final double glass window price.

Window glazing prices may scare you, but it is good to remember how worthy double glass windows can be.

First of all, they will pay off in the long time, because of the several benefits they bring to your life quality in general.

Secondly, they will also increase the value of your home by thousands and thousands of dollars. More and more homes in the US have double-pane windows now, therefore a house without them, in the future, will be less appealing to the market.

Finally, they have huge impacts on your energy bills. They prevent excessive dispersion of heat and can really help you reduce the time and amount of heating required to make your house warm during cold months.

Clients say that paneled windows helped them save up to 200$ per year.

If you consider all of these advantages together and make a quick calculus, you will see that the amount of money you will spend to have your windows paneled will be fully refunded by their long-term yield.

Material, window type, and design styles: how much do they affect the price?

You have to keep in mind that all the extra features you choose other than the basic double pane windows installation have a cost.

The contractor will ask you to choose between different types of window glass. Each of them will have a different price, ranging from very cheap to very expensive. Also, colors affect the dual pan window cost: a simple color finish addition can constitute between 10 and 20% of the total amount.

The same goes for the window frame materials. The contractor will be able to tell which ones are more expensive and which are more affordable.

For example, vinyl is known for having generally lower costs.

Sash windows, casement windows, and bay windows, all of them have different layouts and sizes, and all of them meet different requirements. In the US, bay windows are very popular, but they are also the most expensive. Consider also the size of your windows.

image showing double glazed window

Also the collocation of the different windows matter. Paneling windows on the upper floors cost more than on the ground floor.

If you decide to change your previous window’s frame and layout, costs will also increase, since extra work is required. The same goes for every add-on or design style you decide to operate on your new window.

For double-paneled windows, we suggest you sit down with your double-glazing installer and calculate every addition and detail of your project. That will help you have everything clear before starting the installation and ending up paying way more than you expected.

The tricks and tips for affordable double-pane windows

Even if window glazing is less expensive than the cost of changing windows in a house, it can still have a substantial price that might scare you.

Here are some tips to lower the price and get your windows paneled on a tight budget.

Be wise with the material

The material can really affect the window upgrade cost and make it increase considerably. This is why you should choose materials that apply to your needs. Consider the durability, the maintenance that you can provide for your windows, and the insulation capacity.

For example, if you already know you won’t be able to take a lot of care of your windows, wood will be your enemy. In this case opt instead for fiberglass, steel, or vinyl.

The more, the merrier: panel more windows at once

Do not be picky!

If your windows need glazing, replace multiple windows at once. Indeed, if you are installing fewer windows, labor costs will increase. More windows, more savings.

Stick to what you have

No, we do not mean you should keep your old rusty windows, but their layout. If you have a small budget, do not plan to upgrade to a new window style, even if it’s easy to feel tempted.

If you don’t alter the layout, the costs for the work will be smaller.

Double-pane windows costs can be tricky and there are several factors you should pay attention to not to pay more than you expect or that you can. However, double paneling your windows is still more convenient than replacing them, also because of the enhanced value that it provides to your house, and for the insulation power your windows will acquire.

Remember that the best way to keep down the cost is to discuss it with your double-glazing supplier and plan out every detail. Do not leave anything to chance and always consult a professional!

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