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Getting ready for thanksgiving

How To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving 2023

How To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving 2023
How To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving 2023

With Thanksgiving 2023 fast approaching, homes across the nation are buzzing with preparation. As this special day draws near, everyone dreams of a home that not only feels welcoming but also looks its very best.

During thanksgiving week 2023, a period where the air is thick with gratitude and the aroma of delightful dishes, it's a tradition to gather, to share, and to cherish moments with loved ones.

But how can your home be the perfect backdrop to these cherished memories? Maybe it's time for a fresh touch to the spaces that matter the most and get that thanksgiving kitchen or bathroom décor.

image showing a table with candles and thanksgiving decorations 

Why? Because these are the areas where you'll spend a significant amount of time, either preparing the feast or pampering your guests.

During the holiday season, many contractors recognize the heightened demand for quick home improvements. To attract homeowners, they often offer exclusive deals and promotions tailored for the festivities.

Whether it's a discounted rate, a bundle package, or added services at no extra charge, these holiday deals can be a real game-changer. It's a win-win situation: homeowners get their spaces refreshed at a more affordable rate, and contractors can showcase their expertise, potentially earning loyal clients for future projects.

So, if you're considering a minor or major revamp, be sure to explore these festive deals – they might just offer the best value for your investment.

If the idea of remodeling sounds overwhelming, worry not. MyGreenHome is here to guide you every step of the way. With our help, you'll get the best solutions to make your home ready, and at the lowest prices too!

So, why wait? Click here and get a free quote for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Be the host with the most this Thanksgiving, and let your revamped spaces speak for themselves.

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Let's embark on this journey together and ensure your home is in full Thanksgiving aesthetic for Thanksgiving 2023.

Achieving the Thanksgiving Aesthetic

When we talk about the Thanksgiving aesthetic, we're thinking of warm colors, the cozy feel of a home filled with loved ones, and decorations that spark happy memories. As Thanksgiving 2023 approaches, it's time to make our homes ready for this special day.

Ever since the early days in the U.S., people have been decorating their homes for Thanksgiving. It's the one day in the year where families and friends gather around a table, share delicious meals, and remember all the things they're thankful for. The way we've decorated might have changed over the years, but the heart of the holiday remains.

Today, getting that perfect Thanksgiving look is about more than just decorations - it's about creating a space where everyone feels at home.

image showing a kitchen decorated for thanksgiving

So, where do you start? Warm colors are always a good choice. Think of deep oranges, rich reds, and shiny golds. They remind us of fall leaves, cozy fires, and the golden glow of the holiday. Then, bring in some nature: pinecones, dried leaves, pumpkins, and maybe even some apples. Remember, it's the small details that often stand out the most. Maybe you've got family decorations passed down through generations or some crafts the kids made. Adding these to your home brings in a touch of personality and tradition.

By the time you're done, your home should not just look like Thanksgiving – it should feel like it. The Thanksgiving aesthetic is about creating a warm, welcoming environment where everyone can relax, share stories, and enjoy the holiday.

The Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Kitchen Décor

Everyone loves Thanksgiving food. And where does it all start? In the kitchen! Let's get that space looking and feeling festive with easy Thanksgiving kitchen decor tips.

First, think about your cabinets. Refacing them is quick. It changes the whole look without tearing everything apart. Once you've got that fresh look, try adding some fall stickers. Or hang a wreath made of dried leaves.

Little things can make a big change. Think about mats in orange, brown, and gold. Or towels with turkey designs. Even small ceramic pumpkins can add a lot. Place them on tables or counters. Bowls of fresh fruits and nuts? Perfect. They look good and are great for snacking.

image showing kitchen with thanksgiving aesthetic decor

Now, lighting. Good lighting can change a room. Maybe add some under your cabinets. It'll highlight your counters. And those tasty dishes will look even better. Soft lights also make things cozy. It's great for the holiday feel.

Last, think about how you move in your kitchen. It should be simple. All the things you need should be close. It's not just about looking good. Your kitchen should be easy to use. Especially when there's a big meal to make!

With these simple steps, your kitchen will be ready. And not just for cooking. It'll be a warm, festive space everyone enjoys. So, get started on your Thanksgiving kitchen decor now and make the heart of your home shine!

The One-Day Thanksgiving Bathroom Décor

Preparing for the holiday season? A Thanksgiving bathroom decor transformation can set the perfect tone. A bathroom, often overlooked, plays a crucial role when you have guests. With just one day, you can make changes that will leave a lasting impression.

A popular choice among homeowners today is the tub to shower conversion. Not only does it instantly give your bathroom a modern upgrade, but it also optimizes space. If your old tub is collecting dust, this might be the right time to make the switch.

Hosting diverse age groups? Think about everyone’s needs. For older family members, or those who prefer easy accessibility, a walk-in shower is a fantastic option. It merges design with functionality, offering a safer, barrier-free showering experience.

image showing two elderly people in a bathroom

Another quick remodel, especially if you're expecting guests, is focusing on a small guest bathroom. Fresh paint, new fixtures, or even updated tiles can breathe life into an otherwise overlooked space. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a warm, welcoming space for your guests.

These are all small upgrades you can make in one day, and within a budget, when working with MyGreenHome contractors.

Now, let’s sprinkle in some Thanksgiving charm. Incorporate autumn hues – think burnt oranges, deep maroons, and golden yellows – in your towels, rugs, and shower curtains. Fragrant candles with cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin scents can fill the room with warmth. Woven baskets, rustic wooden shelves, and decorative gourds or pumpkins can also add a festive touch.

Lastly, don’t forget those small details: upgrade your soap dispenser with a seasonal design, switch out your regular hand soap for a holiday-themed scent, or even swap your usual light bulbs for softer, amber ones to create a cozier ambiance.

In wrapping up, remember: a Thanksgiving bathroom decor doesn't require weeks of planning. With strategic changes and the right decor, you can achieve a perfect Thanksgiving house in just one day.

Small Changes for a Perfect Thanksgiving House

As the holidays approach, every corner of your house should radiate warmth and festivity. While major remodels can bring significant transformations, often it's the small changes that breathe life into a space.  So, how can you get a perfect Thanksgiving house, making it feel uniquely special for the occasion?

Here, we delve into simple yet effective tweaks to elevate the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout your home.

Thanksgiving Door Hangers

image showing outside door of an house with thanksgiving hanger

When guests arrive, the first thing they'll notice is your entrance. A Thanksgiving door hanger is a simple yet powerful way to set the tone for the festivities ahead. Whether it's a beautifully crafted sign that reads "Give Thanks" or a playful turkey design, door hangers immediately invoke the spirit of the season.

Experiment with materials! From wood and metal to fabric or even reusable materials, the possibilities are endless. Involve kids for a fun craft day or scour local artisan markets for unique pieces.

Remember, it's not just about the aesthetic appeal. A door hanger tells your guests that you've put thought and effort into welcoming them. As they leave, the sight of your Thanksgiving door hanger will be a lasting memory of the joyous day they spent at your home.

Thanksgiving Dessert Table

image showing thanksgiving dessert table

Every festive feast needs a showstopper, and the Thanksgiving dessert table is yours. Laden with pies, cakes, and an array of sweet treats, it's the final note of a harmonious meal. Arrange classic favorites like pumpkin pie alongside modern additions, perhaps a spiced apple tart or a chocolate pecan pie.

Consider the layout. Use varying heights for presentation – cake stands, wooden crates, or decorative boxes can elevate dishes and create visual interest. Decorative plates, napkins, and centerpieces like a cornucopia or autumn leaves can amplify the theme further.

A well-set Thanksgiving dessert table not only satiates sweet cravings but also serves as a conversation starter, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and wrapping up the celebration on a high note.

Thanksgiving Table Runner

image showing thanksgiving table runner

A Thanksgiving table runner can transform your dining space instantly. Simple, yet impactful, it adds depth and texture, setting the tone for a memorable feast. Opt for patterns with autumn leaves, pumpkins, or classic plaid to capture the essence of the season.

Materials matter. Think velvet for opulence, burlap for rustic charm, or cotton for a classic look. Pair with coordinating napkins and placemats to enhance the theme.

Finish your setting with a Thanksgiving table runner, and you've set the stage for a holiday meal to remember.

Thanksgiving Decorations Outdoor

image showing outdoor thanksgiving decorations

Stepping up your Thanksgiving decorations outdoor brings festive cheer right to your doorstep. From yard signs to inflatable turkeys, the options are vast and exciting.

Consider lighted pathways with themed luminaries or decorative fall wreaths for the front door. Hay bales, pumpkins, and scarecrows can add a touch of rustic charm to gardens and porches.


Remember, Thanksgiving decorations outdoor create the first impression. Make it memorable!

As Thanksgiving 2023 draws near, there's a certain excitement in the air. Everyone wants their home to be perfect for the festive season. By taking some of our suggestions, you can elevate your space and make it stand out during both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But why stop at simple decorations? If you're thinking about a bigger change, like a house project, there's no better time to start. MyGreenHome is always here to help. Need advice? Click here and get a free quote for your next project, whether it's for bathroom or kitchen remodeling.

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