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Discover the best double glazing for US homes in 2023
Discover the best double glazing for US homes in 2023

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Double Glazing

Discover the best double glazing for US homes in 2023

Windows let in light to our house, keep out wind and rain, and help prevent cold air from leaking into your house during the winter months. They also provide security to your house, with higher-security windows offering advanced defenses against opportunistic (or even highly determined) thieves!

The efficiency of your windows has an enormous impact on the total energy efficiency of your house. An average of 18% (nearly one-fifth!) of heat is lost from a house through the windows. Anything you can do to lower that percentage will help lower your heating bills.

Unfortunately, older windows (often single glazed rather than double glazed) and window frames (often wood or aluminum) are very poor at keeping the heat in and cold out. They also offer much less security than most people would prefer.  

With rising energy costs, you may be thinking about investing in new windows for your house to help keep your energy bills as low as possible.

About this guide

If you would like to know more about double glazing and how to choose the best windows for your home, this page has been written for you.

On this page, we will look at:

  • How double glazing works
  • The different types of windows in the US
  • Different types of window frame
  • How long double glazing will last
  • The cost of double glazing in the US
  • Frequently asked questions about double glazing in the US
  • How to get expert advice about double glazing for your home

If you would like to get a quote for new double-glazed windows for your house, it is easy to speak directly with one of our recommended double-glazing specialists for personal advice.

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How double glazing windows work?

Historically, windows used to consist of just one pane of glass surrounded by a frame. While this offered some protection, the world of window technology was revolutionized by the development and introduction of double glazing.

In the US today, over 60% of homes are estimated to have double glazing in their windows.

But what exactly is double glazing and how does it work?

As the name suggests, double glazing uses two layers of glass. These are fitted into the window frame so that there is a very small gap between them.

Although it may look like there is air between these two panes, the gap is filled either with a vacuum, a partial vacuum, or, particularly for more expensive windows, an inert gas like argon, xenon, or krypton.

It is this gap between the two panes of glass that provides exceptional insulation. It significantly reduces the rate heat is lost through a process known as convection.

Diagram showing how double glazing lowers heat loss through a window using two panes of glass separated by an inert gas

In addition, double glazing also cuts down on the amount of noise that can pass through your window. This can be particularly helpful if you live on a busy road when noise pollution is usually higher. Many people who upgrade from single glazing to double glazing are shocked by how much quieter their house becomes!

It’s important to realize that double glazing does not stop all heat loss from your home. It merely reduces it by a significant amount, helping to lower energy bills over time.

Different types of windows in the US

In the US, there are a variety of window types. The most common ones are:

Sash windows

Sash windows contain a sliding mechanism within them, allowing you to open windows vertically (up and down) rather than outwards.

sash windows

Casement windows

A casement window is one of the most common types of window in the US. It is usually hinged at the side but can be hinged at the top.

casement windows

Bay windows

A bay window is any type of window that projects outwards from a building. In doing this, it forms an alcove in the room. It usually has three sides, so will need double glazing for all three windows.

bay windows

Get expert advice

It can be confusing sometimes trying to work out what type of window will be best for your house. Each home will have been built with a particular type of window and it is normally simplest (and cheapest) to replace like for like (e.g. a new sash window for an older sash window).

You may be able to change the style of the window, but this will often incur additional costs as the window size may need to be altered. 

One of the simplest ways to find out what window type would be best for you is to talk with a window double-glazing specialist. They will be able to help you avoid making expensive mistakes in your choice of window and will ensure you get the windows that are ideal for your home.

Different types of window frames for double glazing

Just as there are different types of windows, different frames are available for double glazing. These are uPVC, aluminum, or timber.


Standing for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, uPVC frames are the most common type of window and door frame in the US for double glazing.

They are less expensive than other options but provide a good amount of insulation and last for a long time.

Most houses have white uPVC window frames, but other colors are available. (Be aware that colors can fade over time.)

Many installers offer warranties for a certain number of years on their uPVC frames, and this can be a reassurance when you’re investing in new windows.


Providing a more modern look, aluminum frames last for a long time and require very little maintenance. The disadvantage of them is that they are often not as good at insulating as uPVC, although advances in technology continue to narrow this gap.

They are more expensive than uPVC frames. 


Wooden frames give a home a more traditional look. They can last a long time but are more expensive than uPVC frames and often require much more maintenance and care.

Different types of glass for double-glazing

So far, we have looked at the different styles of windows and the different window frames available for double glazing. Now, we are going to look at the different types of glass available to use in double glazing. (That’s right – not all glass is equal!)

Glass may be:

  • Laminated – increases safety and security as it is much harder to break than regular glass
  • Tinted – reduces the amount of UV light that passes through. This can help protect furniture from the effects of direct sunlight
  • Reflective – can help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Coloured – for a creative, bright look to your windows. Most colors can be added to the glass.
  • Decorative – etched or patterned glass is a popular choice, particularly in front or back doors. Some designs obscure the view, enhancing privacy

Benefits of double glazing

Double glazing can be fitted in windows as well as front or back doors that have a window or glass paneling.

Double glazing provides several benefits:

Helps you save money on your energy bill

One of the main benefits of using double glazing is the financial savings you will have. Unlike single glazing, double glazing is insulating which lowers the loss of indoor heat and significantly reduces your energy consumption costs at home.

Noise Reduction

As mentioned earlier on this page, Double glazing has a significant impact on noise, with modern double glazing cutting down (or dampening) the noise that passes through your window by up to 60%.

If you live on a particularly busy road, on a flight path, or in a loud neighborhood, double glazing could help your home feel much quieter inside.

Better security

Older, single-panel windows with wooden or aluminum frames provide poor security, particularly if the frames are older and worn.

Double glazing is far stronger and more resistant to attack by an intruder, giving your home far better security.

security for windows

Modern double-glazed windows may include several intruder-defeating innovations, like breakaway frame sidings, high-security “pick-proof” locks, shatterproof glass, and more.

Your double-glazing installer will be able to discuss security benefits and options with you before your windows are prepared, to ensure you get the level of security you want.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Houses continue to be major emitters of carbon dioxide, and a home with lower energy efficiency will increase your carbon footprint.

While newly built homes in the US have to meet specific energy targets, most older homes were often built with less efficient materials, before awareness of the environmental damage caused by CO2 emissions was a major factor in house building.

This means that older homes are often not very energy efficient, allowing heat to escape from them fairly easily through windows, doors, and the roof.

Double glazing helps to reduce heat loss from your home, a particular help in colder months. As you will need to use less energy to keep your home warm, your CO2 emissions will be lower with double glazing in your house.

Increase your home value

New windows in a house instantly provide a better aesthetic and can make your home look modern, clean, and inviting.

As well as helping your house look better, double-glazed windows and doors can help increase the value of your home if you are thinking of selling. With higher security, better energy efficiency, and a modern look, double glazing really can be an exceptional asset to your house.

Do your windows need replacing?

old windows

It can sometimes be hard to know if your windows need replacing.  Here are some things to look out for that may indicate your current windows are nearing the end of their useful life:

  • There is condensation on the window between the panes
  • Water leaks through the frame
  • The frames let in draughts when they are closed
  • The frames look warped
  • A handle or lock has broken, making it hard to open, close, or secure the window

Cost of double glazing in the US

The cost of having new windows fitted will depend upon many factors:

  • The size of windows being fitted
  • The number of windows being fitted
  • The type of windows being fitted
  • The frame you choose for the windows
  • Whether scaffolding will be needed to fit the windows

Most window fitting companies will offer a fixed-price package for your new windows and installation so you will know in advance how much you need to budget. Many will also offer discounted rates for more windows.

You may have to pay additional fees if your new windows need additional structural work carried out on the house, such as making a window opening larger if you are altering the style of the window.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to get a quote for having new double-glazed windows fitted. Just click the button below. (This is a free service and there is no obligation.)

Get a quote for new windows today!

Frequently asked questions about double glazing in the US

Is my home suitable for double glazing?

Yes. Wherever you live in the US, and whatever type of house or flat you have, double glazing can be fitted in any of your windows and external doors.

The style of window and door you choose will depend on your home, but the double glazing itself is suitable for any window or door. Talk to one of our recommended double-glazing suppliers for advice about the best options for your house.  

Can I install double glazing myself?

While you could fit new windows and doors yourself, the best results are always from having a professional install them. Warranties for frames and double glazing will often be void if they are not fitted by a trained installer.

A professional installer will also ensure your new windows comply with US Building Regulations

Will double glazing save me money?

While new windows have an upfront cost, the increased energy efficiency you will have can help you save money on your energy bills over time. 

Our double glazing specialists would be happy to talk with you more about savings you could realistically expect to save with new windows installed.  

Do I need new windows? They’re expensive!

The cost of having new windows fitted can seem prohibitive to some people, but it is important to see double glazing as an investment in your home.

Older windows are far less efficient at keeping the heat in your home, so you’ll spend far more money on energy to keep your house warm. Older frames and windows are also less secure and may be an easier target for an opportunistic intruder.

New windows can help you save money in the longer term because your heating bill will be lower.

When is the best time to put new windows in?

If you speak to any double-glazing installer, they will tell you that the very best time to put new windows in your house is before it becomes an urgent necessity!  

It can be easy to put off having new windows fitted, but if you wait until your current windows are falling off their hinges, you may be in trouble.

Demand for double glazing increased during the global COVID-19 pandemic, as more people in the US spent money on home improvements. Unfortunately, this coincided with a slowdown in the availability of supplies and resources as supply chains around the world struggled to cope.

This meant that waiting times for having new windows fitted increased, quite dramatically in many cases. (The person writing this article had to wait 10 months from ordering to installation and knows of another person who had a wait of a year!).

Fortunately, supply chain issues have improved and delays in the supply of frames and double glazing have improved significantly.

A good double-glazing installer will always give you an estimate of the completion date for any work.

Because we have a network of recommended suppliers, we can help keep waiting times down.  

It is sensible to get new windows fitted during a warmer time of year. If you get windows fitted during a cold spell, your house will feel very cold, very quickly!

How long will double glazing last?

Modern double glazing can be expected to last for between 10 - 20 years, although the exact lifetime of a window will depend on many factors including its position and the amount of sunlight it receives.

Most double-glazing window manufacturers will have a warranty when you buy their windows, and this will cover you for a certain number of years after purchase for manufacturing defects or specific issues.

If you would like to discuss installing double glazing with somebody, or you’re not sure if double glazing is the right choice for you, get in touch with us to be put in touch with one of our recommended double glazing window specialists for advice.

Get expert guidance about new windows for your house today!

Choosing new windows for your house can be both exciting and confusing! With so many different choices to make – from frames to style and glass type – it can be difficult to know which combination would be best for your home.

With different window manufacturers offering different features, handle options, security levels, and more, you won’t want to rush into making a decision.

Our window specialists can help you avoid confusion (and potentially expensive mistakes) by giving you up-to-date advice about window installations, prices for fitting double-glazed windows in your house, and any other relevant information.

If you are a homeowner in the US and are interested in investing in having new windows installed on your property, we would be delighted to help you find the right double-glazing windows supplier for your specific needs.

Don’t leave it too late to replace your windows! Get in touch with us today for help with expert double-glazing advice you can rely on.

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