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Safe senior bathrooms

The affordable way to improve bathroom safety in the US

According to the US  Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 235,000 people over 15 years old got injured in their bathroom. Most of these accidents happen while bathing or showering, and their number increases with age.

Of these incidents, 15% end up in the hospitalization of the injured, and the costs for the recovering can reach 20.000$ (more than a major bathroom renovation). 40% of the injuries happen to seniors 65 years or more. As you can see from these few yet clear statistics, an unsafe bathroom represents a real danger for elderly people.

Wet and slippery surfaces are a true enemy of seniors: due to their reduced mobility, falls while getting out of the bathtub, for example, are very common, and reports say that 80% of seniors have had a risky experience in their bathroom.

Looking innocent at first gaze, your bathroom is actually the most dangerous room in our house, especially as we age.

This means that our bodies are much more fragile and we have to pay attention to everything that may harm us. Even though it might seem difficult to believe, most of the perils hide in our homes, the place in which we should feel the safest.

Can you recall that time your aunt told you she almost slipped on the floor after showering? Well, that might happen to you one day, and the consequences of this kind of incident are always unforeseen.

Bath safety does not interest only the elderly, but also people with different disabilities. For some, using a tub is a real nightmare Oftentimes, additional help is needed to carry out these day-to-day activities.

Having an upgrade can really provide a sense of living to those who need it the most.


This type of information is often time confusing and messy: MyGreenHome is here to untie the knots and provide you with all that you need to know about the matter. In this article, we discuss:

  • can really provide a sense of living to those who need it the most.

    Get comfortable and learn how to make your bathroom senior-friendly in no time, spending less than you think!

    Making your bathroom safe for seniors is easier than you think: some smart additions can really improve the accessibility of your facilities.

    Grab bars and shower handles for seniors

    These are must-have bathroom additions. Grab bars and shower handles can really save your life, and we are not exaggerating.

    Sustained by it, you manage to stand up still again and find your way out of the shower. You are certainly scared, but you are not harmed. You don’t even want to imagine what could have happened if the handle wasn’t there.

    This type of bathroom helper may seem almost insignificant during a remodeling project, however, they can become a necessity in the longer period.

    Senior-friendly shower heads

    Additionally, the longest the shower hose is, the easiest will it be for future you to use it. Hand-held shower heads are also great senior bathroom aids to consider.

    When planning your bathroom renovation, this should be the first thing to think about. Fixing the root problem might indeed be the best way to solve it.

    Therefore, the most difficult you make it for your shower to try to kill you, the better. Discuss the different non-slip flooring options with your bathroom remodeling contractor and decide together which could suit you and your needs best.


    Shower chairs and transfer benches

    Considering that most seniors have problems standing still or with their balance in general, it might be a good idea to install some shower fixtures, like a shower chair, a bench, or a corner seat.

    Most of the time, a routine action like showering becomes an activity effort-intensive for elderly people. However, the possibility to seat and enjoy the moment in serendipity can really improve the quality of their experience, while making it dangers-free

    Everything at hand and nothing on the floor

    While it might seem very trivial, replacing the items in your bathroom and organizing everything so it can be easy to reach could be an effective solution that can prevent serious accidents.

    Avoid high shelves and bulky packaging and prefer easy-to-use products and low drawers.

    Do not forget to remove everything from the floor that can get in the way when you are moving around. Rugs and mats can become a serious obstacle to a flawless ambulation, especially when getting out of the shower, or the tub.

    Why your bathtub is conspiring against you and how you can replace it immediately

    Do not look that way at your tub: it would never hurt you if it could. However, even if our dear bathtubs do not have any fault, they still represent an enormous danger, especially for older people.

    The risks associated with them are essentially two. First of all, it is very difficult to make it in and out of a tub for a senior, especially because there is nothing to get support from.

    It is commonly known that elderlies have difficulty lifting their legs and arms, therefore the accessibility of bathtubs represents a big challenge for them.

    Secondly, all the bathtub surfaces are usually very slippery, making it even easier for people with little balance to harm themselves.

    If you now are scared of stepping in your tub ever again, don’t worry: there is always space for change, and converting your bathtub into a shower or a walk-in tub can be life-changing solutions.

    Showers for the elderly and walk-in-tubs enable easier access, decreasing the possibility of falls. Moreover, they can allow large mobility and be edge-less. Walk-in tubs and showers are also very useful to facilitate wheelchair access and can be designed purposefully for it.

    remodeled bathroom

    However, to learn more about the available options for bathtub replacement and what could suit your situation best, it is always better to consult an expert.

    They can discuss with you the different bathroom safety items at disposal, and even consider a bathroom renovation that will improve the safety of the room leaving the layout untouched.

    To get in touch now, fill in our form and we’ll put you in contact with one of our professionals near you. Remember that well-being is not something you can overlook, especially as you age!

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    How to fund your bathroom remodel: government grants, loans, incentives, and stress-free formulas with providers

    Chances are that now you became aware of all the little and big improvements your bathroom needs. However, just like every change you apport to your house, they have a cost, especially if you want to make sure they work for the best.

    Do not let fear of big expenses dissuade you! Today in the US there are different options you can navigate and consider to finance your bathroom renovation.

    Here are the latest, up-to-date incentive programs for home improvement for 2023 (and more specifically, for bathroom remodeling):

    grants for home improvement

    While these grants, loans, and incentives may all seem the same, we recommend always getting informed on official government websites to understand what does or does not apply to your specific case.

    Other great opportunities are also provided directly by bath fitters. Our experts offer stress-free options that might suit you better than any grant. They have access to exclusive loan programs and can design for you custom-fit financial plans that met your needs and your budget.

    The approval process is always short and easy, the rates and terms are low and you can pay on your own time without any penalty.

    Fill in the form and get in touch with our professionals in your area to discover your opportunities. Improving your future life quality starts now!

  • No-profit organizations’ projects, which fund home improvement projects, such as bathroom remodels. A good opportunity for the elderly is, for example, the Senior Home Improvement Project (SHIP)
  • Local, state, and federal grants:
  • Federal Government grants. The federal government often provides grants for senior citizens and senior centers. Two of them are the following:
    • Grants for veterans
    • Grants from the US Department of Agriculture for house improvement projects. These are available only for over-62 people who live in rural areas.


  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Do not forget to give a look at the projects and grants available for elderly and low-income disabled people for bathroom remodels and other general home improvement projects
  • Money Follows the Person and Medicaid Money Follows the Person Grants. These two types of grants are expressively for elderly and disabled people. They help cover the costs for hygiene and safety improvement of your bathroom, if you meet the requirements. Usually financial aid is provided through monthly payments.
  • Funding programs of local communities for low-income neighborhoods or communities of color. These work also for low-income seniors who need grants for home improvement, including bathroom remodeling
  • Get a personal loan. Personal loans for home improvement are very convenient because of the low-interest rate and the possibility to get as much and as little as you need. Browse the different lenders to discover your possibilities.
  • Find a home improvement funding agency. This type of agency develops a tailored program for your necessities and help you fund your project.


Last update: 13 Jul 2024

Written by Anna

MyGreenHome editors Team is a professional team of copywriters and writes with dozens of years of experience covering consumers, financial and business products and services

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