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tub to shower conversion

How Much Is Tub To Shower Conversion Cost In 2024?

In 2024, the average tub to shower conversion cost sits comfortably at around $3,000. Yet, individual projects can range from as low as $1,200 to as high as $8,000.

In this article:

  1. Tub To Shower Conversion Cost By Type
  2. Factors That Impact Tub to Shower Conversion Cost
  3. DIY Tub To Shower Conversion VS Hiring a Professional
  4. FAQs


Factors affecting the price include the size of your bathroom, selected materials, and additional features.

A basic remodel may stick closer to the lower end, while a premium setup with luxury materials and custom work leans towards the upper limit.

For those eyeing a renovation quote, it's crucial to consider the current landscape.

Material costs have risen by about 5 to 10% due to heightened demand.

Delivery delays are also something to keep in mind, potentially stretching timelines.

Understanding these dynamics is key to setting realistic expectations for your bathroom transformation.

Below is a straightforward breakdown to help you estimate your costs:

Remodel Type

Cost Range


$10,000 - $19,700


$6,050 - $13,250


$4,100 - $12,300

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Tub To Shower Conversion Cost By Type

Understanding the costs involved in converting a bathtub into a shower requires looking at different types from different bath fitters.

When planning, consider the time factor; ask yourself, how long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

On average, a shower tub conversion can span several days to weeks.

As for the cost, the type of shower chosen plays a significant role.

renovated luxury bathroom design

 Reflecting on tub to shower conversion before and after images can inspire your convert tub to walk in shower ideas.

Walk-In Shower

If you're curious about how much is a walk in shower, prices range from $750 to $7,000.

This wide range accounts for the simplicity or luxury of materials and size.

Opting to replace tub with shower pan could be a cost-effective move, part of a broader walk in shower cost consideration.

Shower Stall

For those pondering tub to shower conversion ideas, a shower stall presents an affordable alternative.

Costs typically run from $700 to $1,600. However, upgrading to high-end finishes or features will increase your budget accordingly.

Tiled Shower

For tiled showers, expenses depend on your choice of material.

Fiberglass might cost you about $25 per square foot, while marble tile can rise to approximately $8 per square foot, plus $2 per square foot for labor.

You may look at a total nearing $1,500 for a full project.

Each option offers its distinct benefits and aesthetic appeal, with cost variation based on materials, labor, and design complexity.


Factors That Impact Tub to Shower Conversion Cost

A budget bathroom makeover can transform your space, but costs vary.

Size, materials, labor, and additional features all play a part.

The cost to convert a tub to a shower is not just about swapping fixtures; it's about creating a new bathing experience tailored to your needs and safety.


The size of your new shower affects the price.

Standard shower pan sizes or bath to shower adapter kits fit easily into existing spaces, keeping costs down.

Custom shower designs may call for larger sizes, increasing the cost due to more materials and labor.


Your choice in materials can make a significant difference. Stone, tile, or composite - each comes with its own price tag and installation requirements.

bathroom remodel materials

Bathtub Removal

Opt for a one day tub to shower conversion to potentially reduce labor costs. Typically, removal costs range between $450 to $2,000. This includes taking out the old tub, disposal, and prepping the area for a new shower.


Local regulations may require permits for bathroom remodels. These permits can add anywhere from $180 to $2,000 to your budget, so it's wise to factor this in early.


Repairs or Replacement Parts

Replacing a tub can uncover the need for repairs. Fixing water damage or updating shower head types and shower valve types could be necessary, adding to your costs.

Accessibility and Safety Features

For those in need of enhanced safety, adding features like grab bars, seats, or non-slip surfaces is critical.

 While necessary, these bathroom remodeling services will increase your total investment.

Upgraded Fixtures

Splurging on high-end showerheads, designer doors, or luxury faucets? These upgrades, while aesthetically pleasing, will reflect in your final bill.

image showing result of one day tub to shower conversion

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DIY Tub To Shower Conversion VS Hiring a Professional

Considering a DIY tub to shower conversion or hiring a pro? It’s a decision that impacts time, cost, and quality.

DIY Approach

If you're eyeing a tub to shower conversion kit, prepare for hands-on work.

The kits can streamline the process, offering a clear bathroom remodel checklist to follow.

Doing it yourself might seem less costly at first, with expenses from $1,200 to $2,150.

But, costs can climb if issues arise.

Without professional skills, mistakes can lead to leaks or water damage, which are costly to fix.

fresh modern bathroom design

Professional Hiring

A one day tub to shower conversion by a pro offers peace of mind. Labor might cost upward of $1,000, but it’s an investment against future repairs.

Pros handle unexpected issues like mold, broken pipes, or drain relocation efficiently.

Add on $500 to $800 for tub removal, up to $200 for debris removal, and about $800 for cleanup.

Deciding between DIY or a pro comes down to skills, budget, and risk tolerance.

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What is the average cost to convert a bathtub to a shower?

The average cost typically ranges from $3,000 to $5,000.

This includes the cost of new fixtures, plumbing modifications, and wall and floor finishing.

How much does it cost to remove a bath and install a walk-in shower?

Removing a bath and installing a walk-in shower can cost between $1,200 to $8,000, depending on the size, materials, and any additional features such as benches or grab bars.

Can I turn my bathtub into a shower?

Yes, converting a bathtub into a shower is a common renovation. It involves removing the tub and installing a shower base or pan, which may require plumbing adjustments.

Is it cheaper to replace a bath with a shower?

It can be cheaper to replace a bath with a shower, as showers often use less hardware and require less intricate plumbing work.

However, the final cost depends on the materials and design you choose.

Is tub to shower conversion a good idea?

Tub to shower conversion can be a great idea for increasing accessibility, updating your bathroom's look, and potentially saving space.

It's also a preferred update for those who prefer showers over baths.

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Last update: 27 May 2024

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